Improve processesImproving current processes, procedures and systems.

We work with clients to improve processes. We evaluate studio processes, then identify changes or tools to improve efficiency, leading to improved quality, productivity, profitability and client satisfaction.

How we improve processes


We meet you so we get to know each other a bit, discuss key processes you’re wanting to review, discuss how we  may be of support to you. We seek to understand your business,  team and  clients. We identify your pain points, challenges, dependencies and desired outcomes.


We propose an approach to you, usually including a prioritised list of processes to review or refine based on our initial discussion. We agree on the priorities, the deliverables, cost and timeframe.


We complete desktop research, conduct meetings with key stakeholders, review processes, systems and tools in place. We complete process mapping if required. Formulate ideas to solve your problems.


We propose a solution for you based on discussions, research and our observations. We recommend a course of action, a timeframe to implement and the cost involved.


We can then implement the solution, working with you to achieve your desired outcomes.