Manage web projectsScoping, planning & delivering large scale website development projects.

We use a tried and tested approach to manage projects – not based on any one methodology, but rather 20+ years of practical experience, pain, delight and lessons learned.

How we manage web projects


Scope, plan and kickoff the project. Develop supporting documents, such as the project initiation document (PID, project work breakdown structure and schedule). Identify team roles and responsibilities. Brief the team. Adjust plans and documents along the way.


Assist in vendor selection and engagement. Build relationships with key stakeholders. Develop communication channels for the project. Assist with content review and preparation for migration to the new site. Setup regular team meetings. Setup project management and collaboration tools.


Manage everyone and everything involved in the project, to ensure key milestones are met, quality is maintained and the project trucks along as smoothly as possible. Ensure team has all required inputs. Facilitate client reviews. Remove blockages for the the team. Hold regular project status meetings. Identify and mitigate risks and issues early.


Co-ordinate final testing activities. Liaise with vendors to arrange hosting. Make sure ongoing support and maintenance is in place. Assist with testing. Do anything that needs to be done to get the site live on the day promised! Celebrate with the team!