BugHerd logoJust when I was tempted to try a larger issue management and collaboration solution, I stumbled upon BugHerd. They reckon its ‘the world’s simplest bug tracker’. Really? Never heard that before!

So far it’s actually quite true to those words – very simple to use and a lovely clean design. It focuses on enabling testers to quickly and easily flag visual design and front end issues. It also integrates with Basecamp (which is always nice), creating prioritised to-do items with a link to the site.

After setting up the account and installing a Chrome Extension, you just create a project, type the URL of the site you’re testing and you’re away! Click an icon, select the screen element which has the issue, type a comment and assign it to your developer. You can change the priority and status of each issue. All your issues feed through to Basecamp, so you can track them in one tool instead of two.

Nice 🙂

BugHerd screen print