The best of the best

There’s a wealth of content strategy resources out there. You just need to know where to look. Here’s 7 fantastic content strategy resources that inspired me:

  1. The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources – this awesome list has been curated by renowned Facebook content strategist, Jonathon Colman. He’s even categorised the list to help us find what we’re looking for. Priceless. It’s #1 on my list for a reason.
  2. GatherContent blog – GatherContent is a web based tool which enables you to gather, edit, review and gain approval for web content online. Then you can import the content into the CMS. Their blog is chock full of fantastic articles by a range of authors. Each post tackles a small part of the content strategy or production process, so its easily digestible.
  3. Designing Content First for a Better UX – my favourite GatherContent blog article. “Why design content first? Because content is UX.”
  4. A List Apart – Topic: Content Strategy – as usual, A List Apart presents very high quality articles by a variety of authors. Well worth keeping an eye on this topic on a regular basis.
  5. Boxes and Arrows – with a bent towards user experience (UX) design, these articles very much prove how content strategy is fast becoming recognised as an integral part of UX design.
  6. The Language of Content Strategy – this site’s purpose is to market a book, but even so, it has really nice, short snippets about content strategy definitions. Great for the CS newcomer trying to understand content modelling, flows, types and reuse!
  7. Content Strategy Forum – is an international community of people who believe in planning, creating, and governing content for the sake of better business and happier people.

Enjoy 🙂