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Very large spreadsheet we use to capture content and metadata

The Health Issues Centre works in collaboration with consumers, health services and policy makers to ensure the experiences and insights of health consumers are involved in shaping a better health system for everyone.

HIC’s website was text-heavy, and like many websites, had grown organically over time (and was a bit of a mess as a result). People had difficulty finding information. And the proprietary CMS was outdated and no longer supported by the vendor. Time for a new website and CMS!

The Health Issues Centre engaged Carter Digital to redesign and develop their new website. Early in the project, the team realised that the project needed some additional support to deal with the content – particularly around structure, taxonomy and content re-use, but also to assist the Health Issues Centre to write new web-friendly text for the website. Enter the Plannery!


After a brief analysis, Kerry determined the following activities needed to be completed:

  • determine the content types needed for the new website
  • determine appropriate structures for the content types
  • develop the search/filtering taxonomy, particularly for resource library items
  • determine the metadata required and support its collection
  • plan the content migration approach and tools
  • develop content style guide
  • develop copywriter’s guidelines
  • help produce the new content
  • support content entry and testing

The new Health Issues Centre website is now live, and feedback on the new structure has been positive so far!

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