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Next Digital is a full service digital agency specialising in strategy, marketing, creative and technology.

Kerry Lacy (Director, The Plannery) was engaged by  Next Digital to complete two consulting projects:

  1. Complete an expert review of Next Digital’s digital content publishing process to identify perceived areas of non-compliance and recommend solutions.
  2. Conduct interviews with key Next Digital clients to gather objective feedback about Next Digital’s performance and make recommendations on specific areas for improvement.


Digital content publishing process review

  • Desktop research to understand current process and the problem
  • Prepare for stakeholder interviews
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Analyse inputs; develop candidate solutions
  • Validate candidate solutions with project owners
  • Document findings in a report
  • Discuss report and implement final changes

Client interviews

  • Briefing session with CEO
  • Review contextual information about each client
  • Prepare interview questions for each client
  • Develop draft findings report format
  • Validate questions and report format with CEO
  • Conduct interviews with each client
  • Document outcomes from each interview in report format
  • Add expert input in the form of recommendations for client service improvement
  • Debrief the report with the CEO


Detailed written reports were produced for both projects. The content of these reports is confidential, but were very well received by Next Digital management.

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