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Mi9 is one of Australia’s leading digital media companies with the potential to reach around 70% of the population each month. A member of the Nine Entertainment Co family, Mi9 is an expansion of the ninemsn business including a range of products and brands across online publishing, data strategies, consumer insights, digital design and advertising technologies. Their purpose is “to create the future of media” and imagination + intelligence underpins everything they do.

Kerry Lacy (Director) was engaged by Mi9 to conduct an independent review of the workflow between the Melbourne digital advertising sales team and the Sydney digital production studio, to understand perceived blockages in their sales process, determine the reasons for this, and then make some recommendations to resolve.


The high level goals of this consulting project were to:

  • Determine any blockages in the sales process and  make recommendations to resolve.
  • Revise the sales > production process flow if required.
  • Evaluate the number and types of project managers required to support the sales team, revise job descriptions if required.
  • Assist Mi9 to recruit and select the right people for the required PM roles.
  • Assist studio management to produce various management reports.
  • Support the implementation of agreed recommendations.


  • Weeks 1 – 4 – Discovery & process quick wins
  • Weeks 3 – 12 – Project manager recruitment & selection
  • Weeks 4 – 12 – Process 2.0 development
  • Weeks 7 – 12 – Report  development


The key outcomes of this project were:

  • Revised studio-engagement forms
  • Revised sales > studio process flow
  • Sample slide deck template
  • Logistical improvements to Melb/Sydney communications
  • Updated job descriptions
  • Shortlisted & interviewed PM candidates
  • Selected & inducted PM
  • Implementation plans
  • Management reports


The project deliverables were completed on time and within budget. Implementation was handed over to senior managers and we understand the implementation went well, and that the perceived process problems are now a thing of the past.

Kerry was asked to return to Mi9 to complete a range of special projects as result of her good work and the reputation she’d built internally.


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